What is MyShop – The Ultimate Makerspace?

Kitchener Makerspace

Have you ever heard the term “Makerspace”?


What about “Hackerspace”?


What about “Super cool facility full of all sorts of manufacturing equipment ready to be used by YOU”?

MyShop is community that empowers the member to make anything that they could dream of by providing access to equipment, training, and a network of like-minded individuals. The only component missing from making anything is you! Check out our FAQ’s to learn more.

How does it work?

For a low monthly fee, you have the ability to access all that MyShop has to offer. Think of it like a gym, except instead of physical workout equipment you get to use all sorts of high tech, really expensive equipment to make anything you want. Check out our floor plan and picture yourself “working out” here.

Why MyShop?

We believe everyone has the potential to make something great! Providing access to all this equipment and training eliminates the large financial requirements to break into new markets and try out new technologies.  

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