100³ Pre-Sale Campaign

100Cubed v6

From now until July, take advantage of our 100³ campaign.


Who is this promotion for?

100³ is for anyone interested in becoming a member at MyShop once the doors open. Previous promotions (ie. pledges) cannot be combined with this offer, however, we would love it if you would validate your pledge with a deposit.  

What is 100³?

Our goal is collect 100 membership deposits of $100 each in 100 days in exchange for $50 off membership dues PER MONTH for an ENTIRE YEAR! That’s $600 in savings. 100³ is no risk to the member, and you will be able to use the $100 towards any future MyShop transactions.  

When is 100³?

These spots have already begun selling and have been flying off the “shelves”. When they are gone, they are gone!  

Why do we need deposits?

Collecting deposits of $100 demonstrates to our investors the marketability of MyShop.  

How do I get in on this offer?

Just click on the Pre-Sale button below and fill out the form. Our staff will contact you with further instructions.

Pre-Sale Campaign

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send them to info@myshopmakerspace.com

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